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Mechanics of Sun Salutations w/Maria Garcia

$60 if registered by Nov 24th, $70 after.

Join Maria Garcia for two 2 hour long sessions in which we will learn the fundamentals and proper techniques of Sun Salutations also called Surya Namaskaras A, B and C.

We will discuss in depth the following:

What are Sun Salutations?

Why do we practice them?
Why 108? What does this number mean?
How to safely practice Sun Salutations in order to have a lifelong healthy practice?
How can we modify?

The first time we meet we will go through Suryas C and A and the second time we will visit Suryas B and revisit lessons from the first session if there was something we didn't cover or if there are questions, comments, etc.


Maria Garcia started practicing yoga while she was in law school and immediately fell in love with it. Finding a workout that exercised her body as well as her mind and my soul at the same time was a game changer. She kept practicing on and off as a hobby until 2013 when she decided to deepen her practice. She has dealt with chronic migraines her entire life and wasn't finding relief through traditional medicine. She decided to take a teacher training and fell in love even more with yoga and it's teachings. The most important thing that yoga has taught her is to always be a student. The opportunity to start teaching was presented to her so she took it. Since then she has dedicated her life to the practice of yoga. She loves everything that comes from this practice, getting to know her students, meeting new people and the relationships gained.


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