# of years practicing yoga: 9
# of years teaching yoga: 7
favorite style(s) of yoga to practice/teach: vinyasa, power and yin

Nina has been practicing yoga for 9 years, although she has only done it in a class setting with others for about 7 years. Inspired to take her practice further and gain more knowledge, she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga South. She feels that yoga, in many ways, changes lives, and really believes the first asana she ever did was the beginning of her journey to becoming her most authentic self. What she would like to, and hope to, bring to her classes is the very thing she has always loved about a yoga class: getting to a place physically, mentally or spiritually that she has not been before. She wants students to experience something new; whether it is simply doing their downward dog more correctly or finding the ability to do a headstand. She loves when students find something within themselves to empower them. Often in this day and age, after a certain point in our lives, we stop challenging ourselves. She wants students to have fun and give themselves some much needed attention and love that is often quite lacking in other types of physical activities. The best part is that in this time of play, they will likely start to work through some emotional blockages and possibly gain some mental clarity and insight without even trying, knowing or intending to! She hopes to simply be a vessel that will aid her students down a path to becoming their most genuine self.