# of years practicing yoga: 21
# of years teaching yoga: 20
favorite style(s) of yoga to practice/teach: ashtanga, vinyasa
and yin

Monica began her study of yoga more than a decade ago. Having been born and raised in Venezuela, she came to the United States in her late teens to refine her English and learn business skills that she could bring home to help with the family business. During her university years she became fascinated with the healing arts culture in the United States and after graduation chose to stay in North America to pursue certification as both a yoga instructor and neuromuscular massage therapist. Monica is a healing arts professional well versed in a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. As a yoga instructor, she brings to her students a depth of experience in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa style yoga, having trained across the globe with internationally acclaimed yoga practitioners. She also maintains a practice as a massage therapist, specializing in neuromuscular therapy and is certified to teach Reiki. Further exploration of the medium has taken her on travels throughout Scandinavia, India and Europe, including a three month stay in Italy. Yoga has provided her with new tools to face the lessons in life, and new enthusiasm to explore the unknown. It is often said in yoga that you are as young as you keep your mind and spine flexible. Won’t you join Monica on a yoga journey and reclaim your youthful joy?