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Discovering Your Unlimited Potential thru Astrology

$40 if registered by 3/17, $50 after.

Join Trish MacGregor, author of 8 astrology books,  for an unusual 2-hour workshop!

Your birth chart, based on your time, date, and place of birth, is a blueprint of your potential. Where does your brilliance lie? How can you utilize it so that you are living your best life?  Knowing this enables you to exercise your free will in a focused way so that you make excellent choices in all areas of your life. But timing is everything and astrology is a great tool for determining when you should act and when you should stay still. 

On March 6, the planet Uranus begins its 7-year journey through earth sign Taurus. This planet’s job is to shake us out of our ruts and routines by getting rid of what no longer works to our benefit so the new can flow in. It does this through sudden, unexpected events that can disrupt our lives and create chaos of one kind or another. Your son or daughter leaves for college, you win the Lotto, your insurance company pays up, your marriage falls apart, you start your own business.  The type of chaos depends on what you’ve been doing up to this point in your life. The Uranus transit also heightens your intuition and facilitates every aspect of the paranormal - spirit communication, precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance- so you’ve got extra help from your sixth sense.

In this workshop, we explore how the Uranus transit may impact each of the 12 signs, according to where it falls in your birth chart, and how you can use your birth potential to actualize your dreams. 

The workshop includes a copy of your birth chart, so please submit your date, time, and place of birth and your email address.

Trish MacGregor – as T.J. MacGregor, Alison Drake, and several other names -  is the author of 42 novels and several dozen nonfiction books on synchronicity, astrology, tarot, and dreams. Her most recent novel, Skin Shifters – was  published by Crossroad Press in October 2018.   She won the Edgar Allan Poe Award in 2003 for her novel, Out of Sight. 

For a decade, she co-authored the Sydney Omar series of astrology books for New American Library, which featured daily predictions for the 12 signs. She also has written 8 astrology books on creativity, soul mates, transits and other facets of astrology.  

Her most recent non-fiction books, co-authored with her husband, Rob MacGregor, is The Secrets of Spirit Communication and Sensing the Future, published in 2017 by Page Street Publishing.

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